Going back to Ishinomaki tomorrow!

I’ll be posting pictures when I get back! 

This time we’ll be planting flowers and making the neighborhood we worked on last time look nicer and less dreary. I think the guys in our group are going to be working on a house that hasn’t been touched since the tsunami because the family that lives there have a child who is in a wheelchair; they haven’t been able to go back to the house to do work on it because they’ve been taking care of their child.
We’ll also be having a barbecue for the neighborhood as well as a mini-concert! 

Heart-breaking pictures…

Unfortunately, the damage you see here is minuscule compared to the wreckage that was there 8 months ago. The empty lots are where houses used to be… 8 months ago, even 4 months ago, you wouldn’t be able to see the road because it was so covered in mud…

I will post a text post about the stories the people told me…

Easy-on-the-heart pictures

The temporary houses are available for three years to people who lost their homes in the tsunami, but I asked some of the residents what their plan was to do after that, and they all told me they really didn’t know. They couldn’t rebuild their houses where they were because it’s too dangerous now…

We did caroling and Christmas cake for the residents. On Christmas eve we had a candlelit concert outside and then served the people dinner. It was really moving to see the people singing “Silent Night” with their candles (I’ll post a video).

I was really excited that it snowed for Christmas!


Relief organizations are scrambling to provide aid to victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami. If you know of any relief efforts, please let us know, and we will update this list.

American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is collecting text donations, according to Renee…


Students in Ahmedabad, India, pray for Japan.

Students in Ahmedabad, India, pray for Japan.

Result of the tsunami

Result of the tsunami